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synapse FAST SSAI

free ad-supported streaming TV and vod
FOR Free-to-air TV & mobile platforms

what we offer

Synapse TV is an industry leading provider of tools for delivery of ad-backed content via FAST, AVOD, catchup and subscription services.

Synapse services can target mobile and Free-to-air TV platforms including freeview, freely and youview


We have 20+ years experience delivering apps and their supporting back-ends on FTA TV and mobile platforms targeting modern and legacy devices for maximum reach.

fast ssai

Our FAST SSAI system is driven by industry standard signalling with links to your ad sales & ad server providers to enable monetisation of your existing linear content on FTA TV and mobile platforms.

FAST scheduler
& playout

Our FAST Scheduler provides an easy to use UI for defining a linear schedule with ad-break insertion points using your existing VoD asset library.

Pay services

Our Subscription service management system can take monthly subscription payments from your customers and allow access to content on TVs linked to the viewer's account.

Broadcast DAS

Our Broadcast Dynamic Ad Substitution app, DAS SSAI and S&T's TSBroadcaster can deliver perceptually seamless whole-break substitution on broadcast channels targeting HbbTV 1.5+ devices.

Synapse reporting

For services hosted on a dedicated DTT channel we offer periodic reporting and real-time visualisation of reporting data, including minutes viewed, impression count, reach, ad-allocation-rate and many other key metrics.


Our EPG Manager supports  ingest and processing of your bespoke schedule data for onward distribution to platform EPGs or for presentation within our TV and mobile apps.

Avod & catchup ssai

Our AVoD SSAI system and supporting components for content ingest enable monetisation of your existing VoD asset library via pre-roll and mid-roll breaks on TV and mobile platforms.

Production services

 Synapse hybrid streaming services can target any uk-DTT receiver including samsung tv+, lg, freely, modern & legacy freeview and many other implementations for much greater reach than can be acheived on any individual uk platform

The following are a selection of our FAST, AVoD, catchup & subscription services, designed by experts for optimal User Experience and maximum ad revenue on free-to-air UK tv and mobile platforms
FAST SSAI romance and drama on Freeview 63
GREAT! romance mix
Multi-channel English & Japanese language subscription portal on Freeview 286 & Freely 575
NHK World
FAST SSAI award winning films on Freeview 269 & Freely 559
Multi-channel FAST SSAI News in English, French, Spanish and Arabic on Freeview 266 & Freely 556
FAST SSAI robotics, science & engineering on Freeview 290 & Freely 579
Curated FAST SSAI linear on Freeview 271, Freely 561 & Mobile
Multi-channel shopping services via red-button on Freeview 16
QVC Red Button
FAST SSAI Nollywood movies on Freeview 280 & Freely 569
Streamed linear content on Freeview 284 & Freely 573
Amazing Discoveries
FAST SSAI classic horror films on Freeview 289 & Freely 578
FAST SSAI entertainment on Freeview 276 & Freely 565
Streamed linear content on Freeview 281 & Freely 570
Revelation TV
Multi-channel News in Arabic on Freeview 274 & Freely 563
Asharq News
AVoD SSAI children's content on Freeview 211
FAST SSAI talk, court, and reality content on Freeview 292 & Freely 581
Multi-channel News and entertainment in Arabic on Freeview 279 & Freely 568
FAST SSAI children's content on Freeview 208 & Freely 359
Pop Player
Multi-channel portal on Freeview 283 & Freely 572
Multi-channel News in Arabic on Freeview 275 & Freely 564
FAST SSAI children's content on Freeview 207 & Freely
Tiny Pop
Streamed linear content on Freeview 288 & Freely 577
Amazing Facts
AVoD SSAI children's content on Freeview 209
Ketchup TV
FAST SSAI crime documentaries on Freeview 270 & Freely 560
Real Crime
FAST SSAI children's content on Freeview 210 & Freely 357
Ketchup Too
AVoD SSAI sports, documentaries & entertainment on Freeview 265
On Demand 365
Multi-channel portal on Freeview 293 & Freely 582
Purpose Media
Synapse can also auto-launch or red-button launch third-party apps on an LCN
HbbTV app launchers