free ad-supported streaming TV using Server-side ad-insertion
FOR Free-to-air TV & mobile platforms

what we offer

content delivery with ssai for FAST & AVOD services

application development for freeview, youview and mobile


We have 20+ years experience delivering apps and their supporting back-ends on Freeview targeting modern and legacy devices for maximum reach. YouView & Mobile apps also available.

fast ssai

Our FAST SSAI system is driven by industry standard signalling to enable monetisation of your existing linear content on FTA TV and mobile platforms.

vod ssai

Our VoD SSAI system and supporting components for content ingest enable monetisation of your existing VoD asset library via pre-roll and mid-roll breaks on FTA TV and mobile platforms.

FAST PlayouT

Our FAST Playout system takes a defined schedule of content and ad-break filler and converts it into a linear stream suitable as input to the Synapse FAST SSAI.

Broadcast DAS

Our Broadcast Dynamic Ad Substitution app, DAS SSAI and S&T's TSBroadcaster can deliver perceptually seamless whole-break substitution on broadcast channels targeting HbbTV 1.5+ devices for maximum reach.

SSAI reporting

For services hosted on a dedicated Freeview channel we offer periodic reporting and real-time visualisation of reporting data, including minutes viewed, impression count, fill-rate and many other key metrics.


Our EPG Manager supports  ingest and processing of your bespoke schedule data for onward distribution to the Freeview native EPG and/or for presentation in Freeview, YouView and mobile apps.

FAST scheduler

Our FAST Scheduler provides a rules based engine for defining a linear schedule with ad-breaks using your existing VoD asset library. The output of the FAST Scheduler drives our FAST Playout system.

Production services

Target the entire freeview audience via hbbtv & mheg5 for up to 50% increase in reach compared to Hbbtv-only services

FAST and AVoD services designed by experts to maximise ad reveue

Ketchup Too

Ketchup Too is a linear streaming channel on UK Freeview run by Synapse for VoD365 Ltd.  Built in HbbTV and MHEG5 for maximum reach, Ketchup Too uses the Synapse FAST SSAI for monetisation with ad decisioning and ad sales managed via Vod365's existing ADS and Ad Sales team.

Ketchup Too is available on Freeview 210.


Our aggregated linear streaming TV service is the most cost-effective way for a content-owner to monetise their linear content via UK Freeview.  Channelbox comes with out-of-box integration with ADS providers managed by our preferred Ad Sales house for consistently high CPMs and fill-rates. This also ensures minimum time-to-market therefore providing maximum opportunity for ad revue when adding new content to the service line-up.

Channelbox is available on Freeview 271 and Mobile.


As an established channel on other platforms we are happy to help TMBI deliver FailArmy to the UK Freeview audience via HbbTV & MHEG5 apps for maximum reach. FailArmy uses the Synapse FAST SSAI for monetisation with ad decisioning and ad sales managed via TMBI's existing ADS and Ad Sales team.

FailArmy is available on Freeview 274.

Ketchup TV

Ketchup TV is one of several successful AVoD services  on UK Freeview built and maintained by Synapse for VoD365 Ltd. Our  supporting back-end for AVoD enables content to be easily ingested into the Synapse AVoD SSAI. Our AVoD apps allow viewer selection and delivery of that content via the Synapse VoD SSAI with ad decisioning using the channel owner's existing ADS and Ad Sales team.

Ketchup TV is available on Freeview 209.